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ICEGATE – Indian Customs Electronic Gateway


ICEGATE stands for Indian Customs Electronic Gateway. It is the national portal of Indian Customs of the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC). It offers e-filing services to cargo carriers, trade, and other trading partners electronically. 

At present, 40K+ users have been registered with ICEGATE who are serving above 12.5 lacs exporter/importer. Using this provision, Indian Customs can render a wide range of services including 

  • Export goods declaration – shipping bills
  • Import goods declaration – e-filing of the Bill of Entry
  • e-Sanchit – facility to file online supporting documents 
  • a free of cost web-based common signer utility for signing all the customs documents, e-payment of Customs Duty
  • end-to-end electronic IGST Refund, etc. 

Significance of registering at ICEGATE

The platform of ICEGATE acts as an infrastructure project which assists in fulfilling the requirements of Data Communication and Electronic Commerce or Electronic Data Interchange of the department. According to statistics, this platform helps more than 6.72 lakh importers as well as exporters and is connected with 15 kinds of partners who operate with Customs EDI to send a message. It speeds up the clearance from Customs. Also, it eases various electronic services such as electronic filing of ICEGATE Shipping Bill and Bill of Entry. Moreover, this facility provides services such as:

  • Verifying IE Code Status
  • Facilities for registering online for IPR
  • IGST refund
  • Redirecting to websites associated with Customs business
  • E-payment of custom duties
  • Searching data through PAN
  • Tracking the status of a document at Customs EDI
  • Round the clock services
  • Verifying EPCG/DEPB/DES license online

Usually, an individual should get registered under ICEGATE to file shipping bills, Bill of Entry, and other crucial documents online. Normally, a single ICEGATE registration is enough for transacting through any given or all EDI customs port. Particularly, registration is undertaken for –

  • Consol manifest
  • Import
  • Export
  • Import general manifest (IGM)
  • Export general manifest (EGM)

Steps involved in registering to ICEGATE

If you want to register with ICEGATE, you have to follow the instructions given below:

  • Press on the registration link mentioned on the home page for registration. You can even take the help of the service link for filling up the registration form. 
  • The applicant would need to press the Simplified Registration link to sign up on ICEGATE.
  • The applicant should give his or her temporary password, GSTIN, and IEC on the web page sent from ICEGATE on this page. 
  • Once the applicant has filled in the details mentioned above, then he or she needs to fill in the ICEGATE login credentials. 
  • When it comes to the ICEGATE ID, it should be unique otherwise the page will not accept it. Also, a complex password should be chosen by the applicant for ICEGATE. 
  • Ensure that you give the same password in the password confirmation column as you have given in the password box or else an error will occur on the page.
  • If all details are right then an OTP will be received both on your email ID and phone number. 
  • You have to enter a valid OTP to accomplish the registration. 
  • Then you have to click on the finish button to complete the registration process. You would receive a message as “Are you sure you want to finish the auto IEC Registration Process,” so you have to click on the yes button to complete the registration process. 
  • To make several changes in the mail ID or any other data you are given on the page, then you can press on the ‘Click Here’ link given on the page to finish the registration. 
  • On clicking on the ‘Click Here’ link, you will receive a box where you have to give an alternative mobile number and email ID.
  • Then again, you would receive an OTP on your alternative mobile number and email ID.
  • You have to submit an email OTP, mobile OTP, GSTIN number, and IEC number and hit the submit button. But you should remember that your OTP is only valid for 2 hours of its generation. 

Advantages of using ICEGATE

If you have received the IEC (Import and Export Code), this means you are liable to deal with a plethora of shipping. There are certain details related to shipping such as ICEGATE payment, bills, inventory, and returns. This information requires a robust central portal for their appropriate management. Moreover, the details must even be easier to access. The portal of ICEGATE offers these benefits to the exporters and importers:

  • It assists the exporters and importers to undertake the procedures in an efficient and timely manner. 
  • It renders safe and smooth access for return filing as it makes it essential to make use of their digital signatures to interact with it.
  • The air and shipping agents can make use of this provision to file complaints or reviews with the use of the internet. On the other hand, the customs officials use this provision to interact with logistics operations and custom modules.

One can avail of all the facilities at the ICEGATE portal right from e-filing to ICEGATE epayment. It has rendered a centralized line of activities for exporters as well as importers where the chances of human mistakes are quite low. 


1. Why is there a need for me to register at ICEGATE?

It is necessary to get registered at ICEGATE to file the documents online. Therefore, one should have a registered ICEGATE ID to enable filing Bill of Entries and online Shipping Bills, and other documents.

2. For what all Customs Ports can I get registered?

You can get registered for every above-referred transaction at all the EDI Customs Ports with a single registration at the ICEGATE portal. You can visit the registration page at to check the list of Custom Ports.

3. What services are accessible in the RES Package for ICES1.0 and ICES1.5?

When it comes to RES Package for ICES1.0, the users have the provision to file rectification and submission whereas, in the case of RES for ICES1.5, the users have the provision of amendment, rectification, query, and submission. However, you have to note certain points which are as follows:

  • Users who were registered earlier on ICES1.0 and are presently filing documents for ICES1.5 with ICEGATE but their Customs place has been transferred to ICES1.5 Software on a central server, are requested to get registered themselves on to get the reply for the question.
  • Users are recommended to make use of RES Package 1.5 for ICES Version 1.5 and RES Package for ICES Version 1.0. 

4. How can I get assistance on ICEGATE?

For any assistance or support on filing their documents on ICEGATE, the users can send a mail on You will get a prompt reply on this email ID on the same day within an hour or so. Also, users can make a call on 011-23370133 and 011-23379020 to get their issues redressed at the ICEGATE. 

5. Are there distinct versions of RES that are compatible with the two versions of the ICES?

Yes, of course, there are two versions of RES software available that are supportable with the message formats acceptable at ICEGATE, and both versions can be downloaded freely. They are nothing but RES Software for ICES1.5 and RES Software for ICES1.0.