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Free Restaurant Billing Software

The restaurant billing software is a comprehensive restaurant billing system that allows you to handle orders, production, inventory, and more.

A restaurant billing system is also a centralized management system that records all transactions, customers, purchases, and sales.

In this way, the billing management system can effectively handle kitchen and bar order tickets (BOT). This software is also called restaurant POS.

Why Use myBillBook Restaurant Billing Software

Eliminate Manual Labor

Although humans are like machines, they are imperfect especially in comparison to computer software. By using myBillBook, our free retail billing software, you can significantly reduce the possibility of erroneous data entry. Accurate transaction records enhance operational efficiency, guaranteeing long-term profits development.

Billing Time Can Be Reduced

Scanning the barcode printed on a product yields the price and product information in seconds, resulting in accurate and timely invoicing. Furthermore, you may scan the barcode to keep track of stock supplies and demand for a certain product.

Establish a Point of Sale

myBillBook, online billing software for a retail business, provides POS to speed up and correctly handle invoices. It summarizes the number of goods purchased by the client, generates an invoice, allows them to choose their payment method, and collects money. POS also allows you (the company owner) to keep track of the sales, profit, income, and expenditures spent while operating the business.

Enhance Customer Relationship

Customers are the unavoidable part of any business. They may create a business or ruin it. Therefore good connections with your customers must be developed and maintained. In this respect, myBillBook is one of the best retail billing software. It contains features that enable you to maintain contact with providers, distributors, and customers alike. With myBillBook, you can send cards to your customers and suppliers, as well as seasonal greetings for festivals and holidays.

Significance of Restaurant Billing Software for Small Businesses

Management of inventory

Even the finest restaurant owners and managers despise inventory control. Inventory management and reporting may make or destroy a business. With new restaurants opening and competition increasing, efficient inventory management is vital to stay ahead. The restaurant billing software must be able to monitor each item in the kitchen, alerting management if any ingredients fall below the minimum standard. Billing software with inventory management features is critical to a restaurant’s profitability.


Adequate billing software must be capable of producing timely reports on the operation of the business. The software must be able to accurately report appropriate sales, sales by item, cost of food, frequently ordered items from the menu, cost of labour, tables occupied, tables empty, crowd management, and the number of customers at the door, among other performance indicators. A good restaurant billing software also functions like performance management software and offers real-time reporting.

Takeaway And Delivery

Takeaways and delivery must be managed by sophisticated restaurant billing software. Manage the order, allocate it to the appropriate person and monitor the delivery so the food doesn’t become cold.


The importance of marketing your restaurant on social media cannot be overstated. The billing software may utilize social media to promote discounts, offers, and festival specials and award loyal customers with loyalty points.

Online Ordering

Many individuals choose to order meals from the comfort of their own homes rather than going out due to the increase in traffic and a hectic lifestyle. Because of this change in consumer behaviour, internet shopping is no longer a choice, but rather a need. To manage this change successfully, the restaurant billing software must be able to handle, monitor, and dispatch online orders efficiently.

Client Review

Customer happiness is a critical component of a successful business since customers are a restaurant’s lifeblood. Customer input is critical for restaurant improvement and company efficiency. This function, which enables consumers to express their preferences for menu modifications, must be included in restaurant software since favourable comments will help attract new customers.

Multiple Outlets Management

Many big eateries are worldwide chains. But the owner can’t be everywhere at once. Even though it’s impossible, restaurant accounting software may help. The program allows the restaurant owner to manage and monitor all of his locations and control the profit margins and menus. It’s up to the owners to rectify any mistakes in the eatery. Opening a restaurant is a thrilling idea. Everyone has to eat, and it’s one of the major daily expenditures. So food is evergreen. But it’s not easy. With the right staff, menu, and software, this business might be a huge hit. Restaurant billing software must meet all business needs.

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Free Plans Offered by Restaurant Billing Software

An easy to use UI

Easy-to-use software with shortcuts and fast buttons makes navigation a breeze. The billing software that is difficult to use by workers is not user-friendly. An inability to access the app’s features will prevent your team from meeting the user’s requirements.

Multiple Payment Options

A decent store billing software nowadays must accept both mobile and conventional payments. Better yet, accept EBT and EMV chip cards. Having various payment methods ensures that everyone can purchase. Finally, a refund-friendly POS billing software would attract consumers who value convenience.

Maintaining Customer Records

The billing software allows you to summarize and record customer personal and purchase information for a centralized database. The database has search filters that make it easy to find customer records and send and receive information and quotes.

Inventory Management

Billing software should include inventory management, enabling company managers to track product inventories and demand. You may make a stock order directly in the system, which is then sent to the suppliers. If you have several physical locations, your retail billing software must allow you to track stock transfers for future reports and references.

Features of Restaurant Billing Software

Restaurant invoice generating software has proven to be beneficial to the majority of restaurant operators. Every year, an increasing number of restaurant operators choose to use billing software. Given the interesting capabilities contained in restaurant billing software, the rationale for this shift in behaviour among company owners is understandable. Some of the finest characteristics are mentioned here.

Auto Backup

Simply store your data on a local disc. It will provide you access to your billing history from any location. You will never lose the data that you have accumulated through years of expertise if you make frequent backups.

Simplify Inventory

A restaurant billing software program assists you in managing data at different levels. Table-level sales statistics, staff performance charts, and real-time inventory status are all available. It will enable you to place reorders before your stock runs out and will assist you in avoiding overbuying to prevent losses from expired goods.

Features for Security and Privacy

You may use the server’s security measures to preserve your data. It allows data recovery and backup to be password-protected. As a consequence, you will never lose access to your data.

Rapid Billing

Through natural item selection and order management, the program enables you to accelerate the invoicing process. You can quickly add goods and print the bill.

Management of Expirations

You can identify which items are going to expire by utilizing restaurant billing software. As a consequence, you have the option of filing a claim against the provider to avoid paying damages.

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FAQs about Restaurant Billing Software

Which POS functionalities do I require?

They’ve gone from basic cash registers to much more. These days, the Point of Sale is critical for improving business operations, lowering labour costs, and increasing consumer loyalty. As a result, contemporary POS systems include many features. Manage customer databases, online orders, recipes, and ingredients. It has different requirements than a chain of cafés or pizzerias.
Before you go out and purchase a POS that can handle everything, think about what you need. What features might help your business? Choose a system that meets your needs. Because too many POS choices may disrupt routine activities, you can save money and time during development, staff training, and everyday task with appropriate POS

Is this POS only for restaurants?

No POS system suits every eatery business. While certain retail traits may be applied to the restaurant industry, the requirements are vastly different. Choose a POS system that fits your business. Giving customers more choices, providing meal packages and combos, splitting the bill, sending orders straight to the kitchen, and managing tables are all easy tasks with a restaurant-specific solution. Set your sights on success, not just survival. Select a POS that suits your needs.

Is it trustworthy and fast?

Quality and speed are important in restaurants. During the weekend rush, a sluggish or unresponsive Point of Sale system may cause service delays and unhappy customers.

Is the software easy to use and can it be customized for each employee?
How about split bills, bar-to-table, etc.?
What makes it run faster?
Time required to process one task?
What if the internet fails? Or will I have to take orders on paper sheets?
Consider the following questions before choosing a POS.

Can POS also adapt to the changes in the business expansion?

To add a patio, establish additional sites, or start a franchise, every restaurant owner dreams (preferably worldwide). When selecting a new system, verify that you can easily add more POS terminals or locations. With the right software, you can easily integrate. What if you want to work with a third-party company to expand your home delivery services? Whether you wish to go global, find out if the system is multilingual, supports different currencies, and has diverse taxation rules. Less expensive initially, but requiring changes as you grow; a rigid structure may cause problems (and expenses). The point of sale is an investment in your company, so choose a platform that can assist you today and in the future.

Should I talk to an existing customer?

The marketing brochure makes it seem like all POS systems can do everything. They’re all versatile, feature-rich, and simple to use. Ask for references and don’t simply accept the vendor’s word for it. The top software vendors will have a list of existing clients. Contact these companies, ask questions, and observe how the POS system works – and whether it fits your needs.

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