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When a person decides to commence a business, there will be several things that he/she shall consider. For registering a business of the supply of goods and services, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed. One such thing to consider is taking a GSTIN number for the business. 

As per the new regulation, every business (for the sale of goods) whose aggregate turnover (income of a financial year) is more than INR 40 lakhs must register under GST. But for the service providers, the threshold limit is the same as before. Below you can read more about GSTIN which the GST Identification Number and the steps to register to get the GST number.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN, the GST Identification Number is a 15 digit number that is PAN-based. It is a unique identification number that is allotted to every person who has been registered under GST. 

Besides, you must verify the HST number before entering the details in the GST returns. Any business (supply of good) whose annual turnover is more than 40 lakhs must compulsorily register under the GST. It can be found by calculating the aggregate turnover of the business in a fiscal year.

GST number format

The GST number consists of 15 digits in which the set of numbers depict different codes. Check the below details to understand what number represents certain codes in the GST Identification Number.

gst number format
  • The first 2 numbers represent the state cord of a registered person
  • The next 10 digits represent the PAN of the registered person
  • The 13th digits represent the entity number of the same PAN
  • 14th character is an alphabet Z which is set by default
  • The 15th number, which is the last number, can either be an alphabet or a number. This is used for the detection of errors.

Steps to register a business to get GSTIN number

To get the GSTIN number, you should apply for it online on the government website and have to provide various details related to your business. See the steps to register a business to get the GSTIN number.

  • Log in to that GST online portal visiting the website or just click this link – Click on Register Now.
  • Then fill in the application Part A by entering your name, e-mail ID, and mobile number
  • Then the portal will verify the details you have entered by sending an OTP to both your mobile and email
  • When the verification process is finished, you will receive the Application Reference Number –ARN into your mobile or email
  • The next step is to fill the application – Part B using the Application Reference Number. The documents you need in this step consists of a photograph, constitution of the taxpayer, proof(s) of the place of business, bank account details, and Authorisation form
  • Fill in all the data in the application
  • Upload all the documents that are essential in the application
  • Submit the application using DSC or Aadhaar OTP

The GST officer will do verification of your application within 3 working days. The officer will either approve your application after checking your application and people whose approval is made will receive the Certificate of Registration (Form GST REG 06). The officer will ask for more information if he is not satisfied with the given details using the Form GST-REG-03.

GSTIN verification process 

The GST verification process can be done easily online. You do not have to go anywhere and meet any officials to verify the GSTIN.  Using a laptop or smartphone yo,u can quickly do this process without any hassles. There are two different ways in which you can verify GSTIN online immediately. See the details below.

First one is to verify through the government website directly. 

  1. Logging at the GST portal by visiting this website –
  2. Click on the dropdown menu of the Search Taxpayers
  3. Select on Search by GSTIN/UIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number/ Unique Identification Number)
  4. Then enter the GSTIN Number stated on the invoice in the search column
  5. Enter the captcha given and click on Search.

Another way to verify is by using the tools that are given below.

There are many tools available online which can be used for the GSTIN verification process. Open the GST Number Search Tool and enter the GSTIN or GST Number to be looked for in the search area. Make sure you enter the correct format and click on Search and Verify GST Number to find GSTIN information. The GSTIN Verification tool collects the data directly from the GSTN portal and displays the GSTIN search results.

GSTIN of a person can be identified according to the PAN. The guidelines to search the GST Identification Number are given here.

  • Visit GST portal
  • Then click on the Search Taxpayer tab
  • Select the option – Search by PAN
  • Type and enter the PAN number and character shown in the image
  • Click on Search
  • The website will display the details of the GSTIN registration held against the PAN which has been given

Setting up myBillBook for GST 

  1. Do the Registration Process

If you already have the GSTIN with you, then you do not have to apply again. But people who do not have the GST number should register for GST. The steps to apply are mentioned above in this guide. 

  1. Add the GST Identification Number Details.

GST for companies that have set up tax agencies – Existing companies that have set up tax agencies will see the “GST ready” widget on the dashboard page. Then enter your GSTIN (Not having GSTIN won’t stop you from creating invoices using GST tax rates). Click on the Save button. 

GST for companies without taxes setup – Both existing and new companies that have not enabled tax will see the Setup GST widget on the dashboard page. You must click Setup GSTThen edit GST settings popup will appear on the screen. You must now enter the start date of the tax period.  Enter your GSTIN and choose your filing frequency and the method of accounting. Click the Save button. 

  1. Add your HSN, SAC code

To make your invoices GST compliant, you will have to add the relevant HSN codes/SAC codes Know the codes for your products (HSN) and/or services (SAC) you offer. You can download the HSN codes and check your HSN code for your business on the Central Board of Excise and Customs website.

To add HSN/SAC codes for new products

  1. Select Add HSN/SAC for items
  2. Select Add a product or service
  3. Select product type – Inventory/Service/Non-inventory/Bundle
  4. Along with other details, add HSN/SAC code

To add HSN/SAC codes for existing products

  1. Click on Edit an existing product or service
  2. Add HSN/SAC code
  1. Record GSTIN of customers, suppliers

You will need to add your customer’s and supplier’s GSTIN to simplify the generation of precise GST Reports (GSTR)Add GSTIN of your customers and suppliers (if applicable) for GST compliance.

  1. Create GST Invoices

You can find the steps to generate a GST invoice online and follow the guidelines.

  1. Run GST Reports

When all the process is done, you can run the GST reports for setting up the GST.

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