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How to Generate e-Way Bill

You can generate an e-waybill, change vehicle numbers on the already developed EWB, and cancel generated EWBs using the e-way bill portal.

The process can be via

  1. Web
  2. SMS
  3. e-Invoicing

This article guides you through generating e-way bills on the e-way bill portal.

The E-way Bill Generation Process

If you are wondering how to generate e way bill, go ahead reading the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the e-way bill system. Fill in your “Username,” “Password,” and “Captcha code,” and then click the “Login” button.
    2. Click on “Generate new” under the “E-waybill” option on the left-hand side of the dashboard.
    3. Enter details corresponding to the following fields on the screen that appears:
      1. Transaction Type: Select “Outward” if you are a consignment supplier or Select “Inward” if you are a consignment recipient.
      2. Sub-type: Select an applicable sub-type. If the transaction type selected is Outward, the following subtypes appear:

If the transaction type selected is Inward, the following subtypes appear:

All You Need to Know Before E-way Bill Generation

Here are the procedures you must take if you want to know how to make e way bill.

  1. Sign up for the EWB portal.
  2. Have the invoice/bill/challan for the consignment of goods available.
  3. Keep the following documents in hand:
    1. The transporter ID or vehicle number If your transport is by road,
    2. If the transport is by rail, air, or ship, the transporter ID, transport document number, and date are required.
      If the transaction type selected is Inward, the following subtypes appear:Add ImageNote: SKD– Semi-knocked down conditionCKD– Complete knocked down condition
    3. Document type: Select either Invoice / Bill/ challan/ credit note/ Bill of entry or others if not Listed
    4. Document No. : Enter the document/invoice number
    5. Document Date: Choose the “Invoice” or “challan” date.
      Note: You will be unable to enter a future date into the system.
    6. From/ To: Enter the section details depending on whether you are a supplier or a recipient.Note: If your supplier/client is unregistered, then mention “URP” in the “GSTIN” field, indicating an “Unregistered Person.”
    7. Item Details: Add the consignment details(HSN code-wise) such as:
      • Name of the Product
      • Product Description
      • HSN Code
      • Quantity
      • Unit
      • Value/Taxable value
      • CGST or SGST or IGST tax rates(in %)
      • Cess tax rate, if any, charged (in %)

      Note: These entries can also be auto-populated in the respective GST Return while filing on the GST portal.

    8. Transporter details: In this part, you must mention the mode of transport(Road/rail/ship/air) and the approximate distance covered (in KM). Apart from the above, also mention either of the details below:
      • Transporter name, transporter ID, transporter Doc. No. & Date OR
      • Vehicle number in which you transport your consignment.

    Format: AB12A1234 or AB12AB1234 or ABC1234 or AB121234

    Note: Update the “My masters” section for products, clients/customers, suppliers, and transporters regularly used. These are also available on the login dashboard and then proceed.

  4. Click “Submit” for the system to validate the data.Otherwise, your request is processed, and you receive an e-way bill in Form EWB-01 with a unique 12-digit number. The e-way bill generated looks like this:
  5. Print and carry your e-way bill for transporting the goods in the selected mode of transport and conveyance.

Printing the E-way Bill

You can print your e-way bill anytime as follows:Add Image

  1. Click on the “Print EWB” sub-option beneath the “e-waybill” option
  2. Enter the relevant e-way bill number -12 digit number and click on “Go.”
  3. Click on “Print
  4. Detailed print” on the EWB that appears:


Can I generate a backdated e-way bill?

You cannot generate a backdated Eway bill. Therefore, despite you having a different date of generation of the tax invoice and date of Eway bill generation, your e-way bills must be present-dated.

How can I generate e-way bills from different registered places of business?

You can generate e-way bills through the e-way bill portal, the GST common portal, the SMS facility provided by the authorities in charge of all matters about Eway bills or through the Eway bill app.

Can I generate an Eway bill without having a transporter ID?

No. You must generate an Eway bill with a valid transport ID or vehicle number.

Should I always take an Eway bill printout?

No. You can also carry these documents digitally. That would be sufficient if the tax invoice mentions the Eway bill number.

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