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How to Modify, Reject and Cancel E-Way Bills under GST

The Process of Updating Vehicle Numbers on EWBs

The Vehicle Number entry is optional when generating part-A of the e-Way Bill. However, an e-Way Bill must have a vehicle number to be valid for the transportation of goods.

You can update the vehicle number on the document using the e-way bill portal when the e-way bill is within its validity period in the following situations:

      • When you did not enter the“Vehicle Number” on the e-Way Bill
      • When you shift goods to another vehicle/conveyance during transit due to breakdown or transhipment


      1. You cannot edit any other details of the e-way bills.
      2. You can update vehicle details for multiple e-way bills in a single shot using the “Bulk update vehicle number” option on the e-way bill portal, where an excel template can be filled up and uploaded.

Vehicle Number Updation Process

Here is a step-by-step Process to Update the Vehicle Number:

      1. First, navigate to the e-way bills portal. Then, log in and Select the “Update Vehicle No” sub-option under “e-waybill” on the left-hand side of the dashboard.Note: Select “Re-generate” under “Consolidated EWB” if you need to make an update of transport /vehicle details in your consolidated e-way bill.The last steps remain the same.
      2. Select either “e-Way Bill No” or “Generated Date” against “Show e-Way Bill By:” Enter the e-Way Bill No. or Date and Click “Go.“Select the relevant e-Way Bill you want to update the vehicle number from A list of filtered e-Way Bills.
      3. Fill in the details:
        • Vehicle number
        • From Place
      4. Choose the reason for the change from the drop-down – Transhipment, Vehicle Break down or Not updated earlier remarks, if any.
      5. Click on the “Submit” button.Note: Instead of the vehicle number, enter the transporter document number if the mode of transportation is rail, air, or ship.
      6. Now, your e-way bill gets updated with new details instantly. However, if there are any errors, they will be displayed. In addition, you can edit even consolidated e-way bills for vehicle details.

Updating Transporter ID on E-way Bills

Initially assigned Transporter/ seller who generated e-way bills can change/ re-assign the Transporter ID, thereby replacing the existing transporter with a new one. However, if the initially assigned transporter assigns another transporter by changing the “TransID,” then the seller cannot make any changes. Further, you can edit only Part-B details.

Here is a step-by-step re-assignment of another transporter:

    1. First, select “Update EWB Transporter” under the “e-way bill” option on the dashboard’s left-hand side panel.

Note: You can enter “Transporter GSTIN” or “Transporter enrolment ID.”

    1. Enter the new/changed “Transporter ID” and Click “Submit.”
    2. You can view the updated e-way bill and click on “Print” to print the e-way bill.

Note: There is no change in the e-way bill number if you change the transporter details.

How to Reject EWBs

You can use this option to reject the e-way bills generated by other parties (as recipients/suppliers) on the former’s GSTIN. For example, You can reject the e-way bill when the consignment did not reach the destination or got cancelled on the way.

Prerequisites for the Rejection:

The Rejection Process

  1. Navigate to the e-way bill portal, log in, and click on “Reject.”
  2. The following screen appears :
  3. Select the date of e-way bill generation and Click on “Submit.” Next, select the concerned e-way bill you want to reject from the list of bills. Finally, wait for the message on the screen once the rejection is complete.

Note: As a second party, one can communicate the acceptance or rejection of such consignment specified in the e-Way Bill. If the approval or rejection did not reach within 72 hours from the time of generation of the e-Way Bill, then you can consider it accepted.

Cancellation of E-way Bills

If you cannot transport goods per the details furnished in the e-Way Bill, you can cancel the e-way bill by following these steps.


  • Only the generator of an e-way bill can cancel it.
  • The e-way bill cancel time is within 24 hours of generating the e-way bill.
  • Once you cancel an e-way bill, it is illegal to use the same.
  • You could not cancel an e-way bill if an officer verified it.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Click on “e-way bill” or “Consolidated EWB” and Select “Cancel” from the drop-down
  2. Enter the 12 -digit e-way bill number for the EWB you want to cancel and click on “Go.”
  3. The EWB selected appears. Give a practical reason for cancellation. For example, you must move the goods and enter the e-way bill incorrectly.

Extension of the E-way Bill Validity Period

If you are wondering how to extend e-way bill validity after the expiry date, do not worry. You can extend the validity period of e-way bills by the generator of the e-way bills either eight hours before expiry or eight hours after the expiry of the e-way bill. Here is how to do the same:

  1. Log in and select “Extend validity” under the “e-waybill” option on the dashboard.
  2. Enter the e-way bill number of the e-way bill for which you want an extension.
  3. When the e-way bill form appears, click “Yes” against the Question “Do you wish to get an extension for this EWB?” at the bottom of the screen. Enter the reason for the extension as well.
  4. You may re-enter the distance, place of dispatch and place of delivery.

Note: Once your e-way bill’s validity extension starts, the new e-way bill number gets allotted in place of the old one. The user cannot change the details of Part-A. He will get the extended validity for the remaining distance to travel.

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