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e-Way Bill In Kerala

After the introduction of GST, Kerala was one of the first states to adopt an intermediary system to track the movement of goods before implementing the e-Way Bill system. This system helped to streamline the process and made it easier for businesses to comply with the new regulations.

When is the e-Way Bill to be generated in Kerala?

On January 11, 2018, the Kerala Commercial Tax Department announced that the E-way bill system is applicable throughout the State.

Therefore, to start producing e-Way Bills, anyone planning to transfer items worth more than Rs. 50,000 within the State must register on the common eway bill platform. Beginning on April 1, 2018, e-Way Bills will be required as a condition for transporting products into or out of Kerala.

What documents are required to generate an e-Way Bill in Kerala?

To generate an e-Way Bill in Kerala, the following documents are required:

  • Relevant invoice, bill of supply, or challan for the shipment of commodities
  • The vehicle number or transporter ID must be provided if a means of road transport is involved.
  • Transportation by rail, air, or ship: Transporter ID, Transport document number, and date must be entered.

How to register on the Kerala portal for Intra-state generation of e-Way Bills

  • Every User of e-Way Bills must register once on the standard Eway bill portal.
  • For GST taxpayers and registered transporters, users must go to the e-Way Bill site, click Registration on the homepage tab, click “e-Way Registration,” and then complete the registration requirements.
  • The User will then receive a unique user ID for accessing the portal at the end.

When receiving products from an unregistered supplier, the recipient must produce an e-Way Bill.

  • Visit the e-Way Bill portal, select the Registration tab on the homepage, and then select “e-Way Registration” to finish the registration process.
  • After doing this, the User will receive a unique user ID for accessing the portal.

How to generate e-Way Bills on the Kerala portal for Intra-state movement of e-Way Bills

  • The standard e-Way Bills portal allows users to produce e-Way Bills online. e-Way Bill can be generated using a step-by-step procedure that is available online.
  • Additionally, SMS can be used to create and manage e-Way Bills. Karnataka residents who utilize the e-Way Bill must SMS the code to a registered mobile number provided by the Kerala Commercial Tax Department.
  • Android-enabled Applications for e-Way Bills are also being developed. The package includes API integration with your ERP, which enables business owners to easily connect their e-Way Bill software to the government portal to comply with e-Way Bill regulations.

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Kerala’s GST e-Way Bill’s format

The e-Way Bill format consists of the following details.

  • The recipient’s GSTIN must be provided.
  • It is required to state the delivery location’s Pin code.
  • It is necessary to provide the invoice or challan number used to supply the items.
  • Consignment’s value.
  • If the turnover is less than or equal to INR 5 crores, the first two digits of the HSN code should be stated. If the revenue exceeds INR 5 crores, a four-digit HSN code is required.
  • The best reason should be picked after determining the transportation requirement in advance.
  • The number of the transport paperwork must be mentioned. There is information for the goods receipt, the railway receipt, and the airway bill.
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