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Transportation Billing and Accounting Software

There are various leading companies who develop transport accounting software with their huge research in the transport industry. The transport invoicing software carries out all routine transactions of transport like Route Payment Voucher, delivery challan, Fuel Management, GR, Hired Vehicle Billing, Tyre and Spare Inventory Management, Repair and Maintenance, etc. As a transport company, it is very crucial for expanding a business with the help of software technology. You would require to buy transportation billing software to operate a transportation business smoothly as it allows you to execute the transport process and get the best business value. 

Why Use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

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In fact, you can feel free to grow your transportation business with the use of software technology. What you have to do is just to buy the right transport invoicing software to make your business run smoothly and effectively. The use of the right invoicing software is the best way to generate smart revenue in your transportation business. 

It can even render you a detailed accounting module that looks after all the transactions of transport, tracking and printing the payment cheques and vouchers, and billing bank reconciliation. 

Why Use myBillBook Transportation Billing and Accounting Software?

The reasons or benefits of using transportation billing and accounting software for transport accounting are as follows:

Cost Efficiency

Transport billing software helps the business to decrease the cost of shipping by allowing systematic operations management. The system assists in tracking the fleet movement which thereby reduces cost with respect to unnecessary fuel consumption and driver overtime.

Warehouse Efficiency

 Management of warehouse operations has become important with a continuous inward, outward, and internal movement of inventory. The integration of transport management software along with the warehouse management system allows you to track their location in the warehouse and maintain an appropriate record of the orders. 

Item Visibility

In case if transportation is an important part of your business, then you should make use of transport management software to prevent losing track of the fleet by allowing full visibility of the vehicle. 

Minimal Paperwork

The transport management system enables the completion of maximum tasks like raising & sending invoices, passing accounting entries, generating challan, producing analytical reports, creating Proof of Delivery (POD) without the use of pen and paper. The software simply helps you to decrease administration expenses by removing the scope of human error.

Process Standardization

The transportation management software standardizes various processes like invoicing. Bills raised at various places are centrally managed. You should define a clear path for creating a standard for the whole company which thereby saves money and time for all your stakeholders. 

Accurate Shipping Order Fulfilment

Using an effective top transportation management system, the chances of reaching the right order, at the right time, at the right place increase. The chances of shipping mistakes and other inconsistencies reduce with complete item visibility and real-time tracking of the shipment. In addition, the minor discrepancies can be resolved as soon as it is recognized. 

Features of Transportation Billing Software 

The transport management application is crucial to streamline product delivery services. No matter if it is retail and distribution, e-commerce, etc., all kinds of companies make use of these software solutions to facilitate their everyday workflows. Have a look at some of the features that make the system so authentic for organizations of all sizes and types:

Route Optimization

Transport management software offers details regarding the best routes available for delivering shipments and moving carriers. It makes use of methods such as consolidation, pooling, and so on to maximize routes to assist businesses to improve visibility and save costs as well.             

Carrier Contract Management

An effective transport management software will facilitate your tasks of carrier contracts management by digitizing it. You would be able to get notifications on their renewals and track your agreements in real-time. 

Mode and Carrier Selection

This functionality of the transport management system assists in choosing the best fleet based on quality, cost, and distance. Moreover, this feature offers you different modes of transport to select from as per the delivery time and nature of goods. 

Benchmark Data Compatibility

Transport invoicing software makes the process of price forms negotiations easier for you by offering the benchmark details. It includes vehicle conditions, carrier rates, and other transport-associated details.

Track Drivers

A reliable transport management software allows you to evaluate various routes taken by the driver to its final place to deliver the consignment. In fact, it measures a driver’s performance and allows you to take steps to ensure the safety of consignments.

Supply Chain Visibility

A good transportation management system renders a full view of the whole process of supply chain management. Moreover, you would be able to keep the record of the goods en-route from the destination where they have been taken up to their destination.

Intelligence of Business

The right transport management software has the ability to grab the details related to your supply chain and transportation practices, evaluate them, and then assist you in making good decisions in the coming days. You can even use the feature of data analysis of this application to reduce product delivery time, cut costs, and recognize key performance indicators (KPIs).


Proof of Delivery (POD)

The feature of POD not only offers you the evidence delivered by the consignments to the authorized individual but also enables you to record the progress of the delivery. In fact, this function facilitates a better delivery experience by reducing the conflicts between companies and customers. 


How long does the implementation of transport accounting software take?

Generally, implementation of transport accounting software takes only one week but the time can even be a bit longer in case you need customized features.

Can only a limited number of users use transportation management software?

Any number of users can access transportation management software but it is usually used by companies with 5000 users and small-scale freight forwarders alike.

Is the transportation invoicing system supports ERP software and warehouse management system?

The transportation invoicing system can handle right from sophisticated industry-wide systems including Oracle and SAP to simple Excel sheets. Thus, we can say that the transport system is compatible with other software like ERP or WMS.

Will my information stay safe and get back up from the transport management software?

Your information will definitely stay safe with transport management software. Also, the software can backup your transport-related data on a regular, weekly, or monthly basis if you choose a cloud-based solution.

What kind of support is provided to use transportation software effectively?

Dedicated after-sales and technical assistance are provided by most transport management software vendors to solve all your technical issues. Their supporting staffs are trained enough to address your queries as soon as it appears.

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