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Hotel Billing Software

The hotel industry is also looking for reliable hotel billing software to make their financial accounting easier and simpler by all means. The billing software will help the hotel owners to bill their consumers in a convenient way for services provided along with the generation of billing reports. Management utilizes the billing report to keep a track of the income generated. It includes the feature of capturing the invoice record of customers to present a total amount to be paid by them. In addition, all the details of the bill are saved to a database to allow users or management to recover saved records of billing. The hotel industry needs to document the accurate billing of the customer properly. It simply helps you to maintain seamless business transactions which are very important. In short, managing billing records can now become very easy when it comes to choosing the best hotel invoicing software.

Significance of Online Hotel Bill Maker

As a matter of fact, billing software plays an important role in the life of every business owner. myBillBook billing software is one of the best billing systems that even generates free bill format templates that make the lives of entrepreneurs a lot convenient and easier. To understand the importance of online hotel bill maker, it is crucial to know the benefits of using hotel bill templates which are as follows:

Reduced Transaction Time

As the business owner of the hotel, you would not require to make your customers wait in a queue anymore at the time of check-in and check-out while you prepare individual bills. The software features a ready-to-use hotel bill format which can be generated invoices quickly by just filling in the basic information like customer details and facilities and thereby decreases your transaction time.

 No Extra Cost

The interesting thing is that you do not need to pay any extra cost for using an in-built hotel bill template for your hotel business from the myBillBook invoicing software. Moreover, the hotel bill templates are completely free of cost as myBillBook, operates on a freemium model. If required, you can pay a standard fee if you want to use a few premium features and that is fully optional.

Added Convenience

The hotel bill templates from myBillBook hotel bill software not only reduce your transaction time but also are shareable, customizable, easy to use, and adaptable to different formats. Moreover, it gives you the option to design your own templates or edit the existing templates, take a print, and share it online through various mediums such as email or Whatsapp. Furthermore, you can download the template in different formats such as doc, pdf, or jpeg as per your needs.

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Features of Online Hotel Bill Generator

If we talk about the must-have features of online hotel bill generator, you can check out below as they come into use to make back-office operations more effective, enhance the guest experience, and create lasting relationships with guests.

Tablet & Mobile Optimized

If your housekeeping team, manager, and other staff members want to quickly check the data on a booking, they do not need to rush back to the office. The hotel accounting software has been designed to use on both tablets as well as mobile phones. Therefore, the business owner can check the performance on the go anytime.

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use Interface

You can find a user-friendly interface on hotel management software which is the most crucial factor when it comes to making the accounting process smoother. What if your hotel software is confusing and complex, you might make errors a lot which would lead to costing you more money. As a matter of fact, you should not take much time for doing common tasks as it would limit your ability and slow down your team to grow quickly. Hence, a hotel management software system is a must.

Guest Profiles

Are you looking to build guest loyalty? Then you can make use of hotel management software in which guest profiles stores your stay history, guest’s contact details, and also preferences so that you can render a more personalized experience at the time of their next stay. It becomes easier to have a guest profile with stored CC’s of your guest for returning them.

Room Management

It contains a feature of a room management module that is similar to your virtual front desk. This feature allows front desk agents to look for guests in and out and extend or cancel reservations in just a few simple clicks.


Guests coming to your hotel usually want a copy of their bill when they check out and at that time, the hotel management software can easily export the folios of guests that include all charges from their stay. Besides, it offers straightforward and solid financial reporting that lets you reconcile expenses and revenue from room outlets, revenue, vendors, and so on.

Email Automation

By adopting customized, personalized, and automated email, you can make easy communication with your guests by decreasing manual work for your staff. With the use of your own templates, the feature of automated email feature lets you create a communication journey right from the initial booking to targeted offers for repeated guests.

Reservation Management

The very important functionality of hotel billing software India is reservation management as well as front office features. It gives you the chance to house all of your reservations digitally without making use of a paper reservation book. With this feature, you can control the availability, set rates, visualize reservations, and offer promotions on a calendar.

Housekeeping Management

The hotel management software lets your housekeeping group mark rooms out of order, dirty, or clean. When these details come in one central place that offers the front desk visibility of room statuses, it helps you to implement early room moves and check-ins without the need to radio the housekeeping supervisor.

Clear Visibility of the Grid

Your grid should enable all features like highlighting returning guests, recognizing guests who are yet to pay their bill, and adding special events that are occurring in the region. This feature helps you to view the main information about your guests easily and quickly.

Group Reservations and Bookings

Group reservations feature is important if your hotel has plans of hosting any kind of group of guests or event. In addition, group booking functionality comprises letting guests book reservations exporting a room list, within the room block, and configuring billing settings therefore you can invoice one particular account for multiple rooms.

 FAQs – Hotel Billing Software

How can I create a hotel invoice?

To form a simple bill for your hotel, you can download and check out the hotel bill template. It is very crucial to add a unique bill number on all the invoices including the cost, charges, address, and name of your customer, terms of the invoice, contact information of your hotel, a due date, and date of issue. If you want the answer to this question in a precise way, you can have a look at the steps given below:

Download your hotel bill template for free
Enter your contact information and the name of your hotel
Insert the logo and branding of your hotel
Fill in the customer’s contact details and name
Add an invoice date, a unique invoice number, and due date
List amenities and reservations purchased along with prices and descriptions for each
Enter additional information along with payment terms
Estimate the overall cost and enter it at the bottom of the invoice clearly
Send the bill with full details to the customer through FreshBooks or direct email.

What is the use of a hotel invoice?

It is a crucial part of collecting income to bill your customers as a hotel operator or owner. Your customers want to see their hotel charges in a consistent and clear format. The uses of a hotel invoice are as follows:

Arrange all payments
Track purchases of all the customers
Form a log of outstanding debts
Handle dates of reservations
Facilitates bookkeeping
Comprise amenities and services

What are the different types of invoices for hotels?

It is very important to choose a hotel invoice template that fulfills the requirements of both you and your customers. There are various kinds of bills that are accessible to track your customer’s transactions and charge as well which are given below.

Recurring Invoice: This invoice is especially used to receive ongoing payments from consumers.

Standard Invoice: A standard invoice is an easy-to-use bill that presents how much the consumer owes the hotel.

Time-Based Invoice: To charge a customer when the overall cost is relied on the time length, this kind of invoice is made into use.

Prepayment Invoice: A prepayment invoice is usually sent when you ask your clients for a deposit for booking a block of rooms for a wedding party.

Mixed Invoice: Involves charges and credits made to an account.

Debit Invoice: This invoice is normally sent to make a customer notify about their owing of a given amount of money.

Credit Invoice: To give notice of a positive account balance or refund, this invoice is sent to a customer.

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