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Medical Invoice Template

A medical invoice template is the layout of a list of details regarding any patient who visits a hospital to consult a doctor. The medical invoice is a perfect medical billing solution and usually consists of the name of the medical organization, information about the patient like name, address, contact, name of the physician, and other details regarding the medications, tests, etc. 

So, the medical invoice template is the medical bill format in which the details and medical bills of the patients are recorded for current and future use. Such templates can be utilized by any doctor’s offices, hospitals, to make clinic bill format, and other invoices for healthcare organizations to show patients the cost they have incurred from the medical consultation.

Why to use downloadable free medical invoice templates

Every registered medical organization should have a medical invoice for recording various events and payments. There are many downloadable free medical invoice formats that you can find online very easily. 

  • The main benefit of using a downloadable medical invoice is that you can use it whenever you want. You only have to just download the medical invoice to your computer and use the same template for all medical invoices.
  •  Another benefit is that the medical invoice template is free to use. You do not have to pay for it.
  • Moreover, using a medical invoice template looks more professional. Writing and mailing a paper invoice is not an efficient use of time and it will not sometimes look neat and readable.
  • Using a medical invoice template not only helps in saving your time while billing the patients but also makes the invoice accurate and consistent. 
  • It is also potential to save a copy of it on your computer and take a printout to hand it over to the patients or you can even mail the invoice. You can select any downloadable free medical invoice template that has all the required fields to fill in the information. Once you have the template, you can add the company logo to the invoice template.

What are the benefits of using medical invoice templates from My Billbook?

My Billbook has many services and features to make your work simpler and professional. 

  • One of the main advantages of using medical invoice templates from My Billbook is that it calculates GSTs, due dates, discounts, and balances. 
  • Also, it allows the user to search them by barcodes and names. 
  • My Billbook App is available and you can add search criteria by voice commands. Besides, both the cash received from the patient and the payment outstanding will be displayed on the invoices. 
  • The billing staff can also add a signature to the invoice before sending the invoice to the patient. 
  • My Billbook is a cloud-based software and is compatible with the web app, windows, and android. 
  • It can support multiple languages like English, Hindi, Gujarati, and Tamil. 
  • Using My Billbook Medical Invoice Template, you can create and share bills on mobile anytime, you can manage, alter and track inventory. 
  • You can also collect payment through UPI and can add and manage staff and their activities. 
  • It also offers a great 24* 7 customer support in case you have any queries and requests to make. 

These are some of the benefits of using a medical invoice from My Billbook. When you find some templates, you will have many options to choose from:- like,

  • medical store bill format
  • pharmacy bill format
  • medical shop bill format
  • chemist bill format
  • lab bill format and many more. 

You can choose any one that suits your requirement.

What are the components of the Medical Invoice Template and How to Use it?

  1. An invoice should always provide information about both the service provider and the customer. Let it be a medical invoice or any other type, these details are mandatory to be filled. 
  2. Some of the components of a medical invoice include a 
  • Description of every patient visit
  • Procedure
  • Medications prescribed
  • All interventions carried out 
  1. Likewise, the medical invoice should have the billing rate mentioned in detail as a separate charge for each procedure done. 
  2. The subtotal due, taxes due, and total balance due should also be incorporated in the invoice. 
  3. The terms of payment such as cash, debit card or credit card, etc should be mentioned on the invoice including the due date and penalties for late payments. 

The templates are available in pdf, words and even medical bill format Xls. Let us understand how you can use a medical invoice template. After reading the below content, you will have a clear idea of how to use medical invoices and what are other things you need to consider.

Bill Insurance or Patient for Payment

It is good to set a standard process and stick to that process as medical billing is a difficult process. Keep in mind that invoicing insurance will never go as planned. So it is better to plan for the worst-case scenarios and try to follow up with the patients or the insurance provider.

Determine what is owed

Always establish a clear procedure for billing. You might get the payment via insurance or the patients. But as many medical offices do, you can collect an upfront payment and the patients can pay the balance over time.

Patient’s Payment Option

For the best procedure, ask the patients for the payment options before starting the treatment. The patient might be having medical insurance, if he/she has then you can check for the amount covered and what all treatments are included in the insurance. If you know that in advance you can let the patient know about any extra charges that he/she may have to pay.

Tally all treatments and charges

As soon as the necessary care has been given to a patient, calculate the total charges. If you do this, you can let your patients know about the balance amount to be paid or any other information regarding the billing can be easily sorted.

Types of Medical Invoices for Small Business

Generally, there are three types of medical invoices which are: closed, open, and isolated. Medical Invoices are divided into three types because it is multifaceted and medical billing is one important part in the healthcare network.

  • Closed Medical Invoices

A closed medical invoice does not allow any transfer which means the system is focused on only one singular practice. For eg: Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is a closed invoice. These records are never given to anybody for collaboration, not even to other doctors and healthcare facilities.

  • Open Medical Invoices

This allows transfers across various healthcare specialists, practices, facilities, etc. A good example of an open medical invoice is the Electronic Health Record which is commonly called EHR. Sometimes, according to the illness of the patients, some doctors might refer their patients to a specialist in other healthcare facilities. Then this EHR is transferred to the other doctor or the hospital to understand the history of the patient.

  • Isolated Medical Invoices

An isolated system is not be used by doctors and healthcare facilities. This is a personal health record (PHR) that is designed and managed by the patient. Such record will always be separate and is never to be replaced for EMRs or EHRs. The main motive of making an isolated medical invoice is to help the patients in managing their health information.

Final takeaway

Invoices are very essential for any kind of business or organization. Since invoice templates are easily available, the work becomes easy and hassle-free.