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GST Invoice Templates

GST invoice formats

Are you a small business owner unaware of a GST bill format? It’s time you learn about the simple GST Invoice format in Excel!

The GST law mandates taxpayers to issue GST invoices upon making a sale. A GST invoice bill format is an invoice template with GST compliant fields filled by the concerned company to generate a GST bill. A GST invoice format comes in several variations, including Word, Excel, and PDF.

Downloadable templates for GST invoice

Wondering how to get the best professional invoice format under GST? Well, there are plenty of downloadable templates for the GST invoice format.

If you’re looking for a simple GST Invoice format in Excel or any other form, online invoice generator software offers free and downloadable GST invoice formats. It doesn’t end here because, in addition to the free template, you get an option to customise it as per your needs and print it, all at absolutely no cost! If that makes you think what the best software for GST invoice formats could be, well, myBillBook is one of the best with its plethora of customisable and professional GST invoice templates.

GST invoices

In case the term ‘GST invoice’ is lost on you, here’s a clarification.

A GST bill or invoice is a record of the transaction between a buyer and seller involving the supply of goods or services and the payment due for the same. A GST invoice contains such details as the list of goods or services provided, the price, quantity, tax rate, and the total amount payable. The GST invoice is the document that the seller uses to collect payments from the buyer.

GST bill format in Excel, PDF, and Word

Given the absolute importance of a GST bill in the day-to-day functioning of a business, here’s a sneak peek into the different GST invoice formats.

A Goods and Services Tax invoice format can be of several types depending on the business size, the nature of goods and services provided, the company terms and conditions, the type of business, etc. From the timely collection of payments and keeping a record of sales to preventing fraudulent activities, a GST invoice is crucial for every business. But did you know that GST invoice formats come in Excel, PDF, and Word? Knowing the suitable GST bill format can fine-tune your regular business transactions.

Find Free Invoice Format In Excel & GST Bill Format In Excel

Better alternatives for GST bill format

Even though a ready-made online GST invoice format seems the easiest way to generate GST invoices, there are several alternative formats you can try as well.

A professional and customisable invoice template makes a huge impact on your business image. After all, aiming to offer your best services to clients also involves a functional and efficient invoicing system as well, right?

With myBillBook, you can access the best GST bill formats in Excel, Word, and PDF!

  • MS Excel GST invoice format: The best part about using an MS Excel GST invoice format is that the tabular form of the software makes it super easy to handle an overwhelming amount of data. It is clean and organised and presents the invoice particulars in an easily understandable form. Besides, the option to use multiple formulas simplifies calculations and eliminates any error that would have crept in if done manually.
  • MS Word GST invoice format: Perhaps the most convenient and popular of all GST invoice formats, MS Word is the best choice for a visually rich and professional GST invoice template. It’s customisable and comes with a multitude of options for changing font style, colour, template design, etc. But it lacks the formula feature of Excel, which might make calculations a bit messy.
  • PDF GST invoice format: If you want to avoid the hassle of operating Word or Excel, your next best call is a GST invoice template in PDF format. All you have to do is choose a template out of the many variants, download it, edit it, and then either print it or directly email it to your client. While this option offers attractive and professional GST invoice formats, making edits to the downloaded PDF isn’t quite simple and might require knowledge of professional editing tools.

Excel or Google Sheets

A GST invoice format in Excel uses structured data in the form of tables. With all the information organized, it is easy to calculate the total costs and GST. You can even put formulae in place and the template will calculate the totals for you. Excel GST templates support multiple formulas that further eases the calculation process.

GST templates in Excel are considered more organized as compared to others. However, it isn’t easy to add images to these templates according to your requirements. While editing, you can find adjusting the widths of columns a bit difficult without implementing the change to the entire template. When it comes to styling, Excel GST templates lag behind a bit as compared to Word or PDF.

myBillBook makes your life easier by offering fully customisable GST invoice formats in Excel.

Details to be captured on GST invoice

Once you’ve chosen your preferred GST invoice format, the next step is to ensure that all relevant details have been incorporated into it.

A GST invoice format, no matter how fancy, is incomplete if all the sales details have not been captured. So, what are these details? Take a look:

  • Tax invoice number.
  • Company/Supplier details: It includes the name, address, pin code, email address, phone number, and GST identification number (GSTIN) of the supplier.
  • Client/Buyer/Recipient details: It includes the name, address, contact details, and GST identification number (GSTIN) of the client/buyer/recipient (if registered).
  • Description of the goods and services, including cost, quantity, and total value.
  • The taxable value of supplied goods or services after deduction of discount amount (if any)
  • Rate of GST applicable (including SGST, CGST, UTGST, IGST, and cess)
  • The total amount of tax with the breakup of SGST, CGST, UTGST, IGST, and cess.
  • Address where the goods or services are to be delivered.
  • Whether GST is to be paid on a reverse charge basis.
  • Bank/payment details with expected date of payment.
  • Supplier’s signature.

GST invoice generator

When using a GST invoice generator tool, you can get the best of all the formats!

A good invoice generator tool helps you with the perfect GST invoice template and provides both design and convenience. 

myBillBook’s invoice generator tool helps you with highly personalized GST invoices that look professional to your clients. The tool allows you to save information related to your clients to save time while generating invoices in future. 

GST Invoice FAQs

What is a GST invoice?

A GST bill or invoice is a record of the transaction between a buyer and seller involving the supply of goods or services and the payment due for the same. You can create GST compliant invoices for free using myBillBook software.

Is it mandatory for all to issue GST invoices?

Issuing a GST invoice is mandatory if you’re a registered business selling goods and services to your clients.

What is a GST invoice format?

A GST invoice format is a template where you can make customisations and generate a professional GST invoice.

Can I get the GST invoice format for free?

Yes. myBillBook offers a range of free, customisable, and professional GST invoice formats for all types of business.

What are the different GST invoice formats?

GST invoice formats mainly come in MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF formats.

Why should I use the GST invoice format?

Using a GST invoice format comes with several perks:
-Time and cost-effective
-A variety of templates and themes to choose from
-Print-friendly templates
-Fully customisable
-100% professional and accurate

Can I save my client and bill details in the GST bill format?

Yes. You can save all your client and bill details in your invoice generator account. This ensures that you don’t have to type in all the details every time you create an invoice, and you can access all your bills anytime and at any place.

When should I issue the GST invoice?

The GST invoice should be issued on or before the day when you supply goods or services to your customer. However, if you have already supplied the product or services, you can issue the invoice within 30 days.

How many copies of a tax invoice do I need to make?

In the case of the supply of services, you need to make two copies: one for the recipient and the other for the supplier.
When you supply goods, three copies of the invoice need to be made:
-Original: issued to the receiver
-Duplicate: issued to the transporter. However, this is not mandatory in case the supplier has an invoice reference number.
-Triplicate: to be retained by the supplier.

Can I add extra details to my invoices?

Yes, you can make a lot of changes to your invoices and bills. The templates allow you to add a lot of custom sections like- discount, shipping details, etc.

Is my data safe?

The safety of your data is always intact. Only you can take actions regarding your invoices – like sending them to clients or making changes. At all times, you control who can access your documents.