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MahaGST – Portal for Maharashtra GST

Everything you need to know about the MahaGST Portal 

So it’s that time of the season again – Yes, you guessed it right. Tax Season! Since the introduction of a uniform Goods and Service Tax, taxation has been different and benefitted many small and medium businesses too. With the rise of technology and digitalization, one can now even file for their taxes online, sitting in their comfortable office. 

If your business is registered under the GST tax regime and the registered address is in the state of Maharashtra, you will have to use the MahaGST online portal if you wish to file for your taxes online. While the idea behind GST is to have one union centre to pay all the taxes, the state of Maharashtra has announced a settlement scheme to settle the dues under various Acts administered by Maharashtra Goods and Service Tax Department. 

What is the MahaGST Portal? 

The Maharashtra Goods and Service Portal is a platform created for the administration and executions of taxes to be paid under the GST regime for business owners that conducting their business in the state of Maharashtra. The idea behind the portal is to make the process of payments simple and easy, without any hassle. 

The website is extremely user friendly, prompt and mentions all the services the government has to offer. It also offers information in blog format and video format in case you’re confused about certain compliances. One of the best features about the MahaGST portal is that it has suggestions and a feedback column, taking into account the overview of what the business owners have actually faced and how they can improve the website. 

MahaGST Portal Services 

The online portal aims to make the GST rules and regulations easier for all business owners. It tries to simplify complicated business procedures with just a few clicks or easy to understand mechanisms. It supports two-way communication virtually via this e-site for achieving the highest level of tax compliance possible.

Some of the noteworthy services provided on the MahaGST Portal are:

  • GST Registration
  • GST Verification 
  • GST Rules and Regulations 
  • GST latest news and updates 
  • Tracking GSTIN
  • E-Payments 
  • GST Dealer Services 

Forms Provided under the MahaGST Portal

There are manual forms that one can download, fill them in physically and submit them to the nearest tax office in their area. Another feature is the Electronic Forms that help businesses file for their GST taxes online. 

In case a business also needs to pay for VAT or other taxes, those options are also available on the website. Even though the website name is MahaGST portal, one can fill forms right from the current GST compliance to VAT and other Acts to even previous Acts such as the Bombay Sales Tax Act, Chit Fund Act, etc. The MahaGST Portal is truly a one-stop shop for all business entities. 

MahaGST Tax Forms

Once you have noted the category of taxpayer you fall under, there are different forms provided for different types of taxpayers. Only the form of the category you fall under needs to be filled. As per GST Rule 80, four types of annual returns have been established. The table below shows the different types of taxpayers and forms: 

Category of TaxpayersForm No. 
Regular Taxpayer under Normal Scheme GSTR -9 
A taxpayer under Composition Scheme*GSTR – 9A
E-Commerce Operator GSTR – 9B 
Taxpayer/Business Entity  – Turnover over 2 croreGSTR – 9C 

MahaGST Registration 

Every business entity that surpasses the threshold level (a turnover of more than INR 20 Lakh annually) has to register their business on the GST platform to ensure they pay their dues regularly and file for their returns. 

In case, you have still not registered for a GST number, the MahaGST website provides the service for your business too. A GST number ensures the smooth sailing of your business, is mandatory and has various benefits too.

The GSTIN is a 15 digit identification number which is a combination of numbers and alphabets, very much like our PAN card. The number is allotted to each business entity based on their state, in this case, it will be Maharashtra, PAN card details, and type of business. Full disclosure of the business needs to be done to obtain the GSTIN number and for registration purposes.

MahaGST Verification

Once your GST registration process has been completed, it takes 7 working days for the registration to accept and a provision GSTIN is provided. In 10 working days from the day of registration, the final GSTIN is provided along with the GST certificate.

From the time the registration has been done on the portal, the status of the application can be checked. It is extremely easy to check the verification of your GST number registration process in just a few simple steps.
MahaGST allows you to verify the GST number you want. 

Simply head over to the official MahaGST website
– Click on the Dealer Services Tab
– Click on Know your GST Taxpayer
-Enter GSTIN

You should note that, once the registration is complete, each enterprise will receive a provisional GSTIN number which can be used for business purposes until they receive a final one. Do not fall into this trap and always ask for the GST number in every case. There are quite a few consequences and offences when dealing with a fake GST number and hence ensuring the opposite party’s GSTIN is essential to steer clear from the legal penalties. 

MahaGST State Code

Every state has been assigned a code for it to become easier and detectable to know where the taxpayer/business entity is from. For example, if your GST Number is 27AAAAA0000B1Z5 the number 27 is the state code and represents the state of Maharashtra. One can easily recognize the state or location of the business of the taxpayer through the GST number. 


The reason for creating MahaGST separately was due to a settlement scheme announced and currently supervised by Maharashtra Goods and Service Tax Department.

The above mentioned are just a few of the essential services that MahaGST offers. The website has a plethora of services and tons of information, answering any business and GST related question you have. Once you are on the MahaGST website make sure you go through it with detail since there are so many features and services provided, you might overlook a few such as GST alerts and notifications, Tracking your Application Reference, GST Number Verification to name a few.