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Billing Software For Retail Shop

Billing software for retail shops is a must-have tool in today’s fast-paced business environment. Whether you’re running a grocery store, supermarket, kirana store, or small vegetable and fruit store, managing people at billing counters is a major task. Long queues and slow billing time are the most irritating things for a typical customer.

You must choose a reliable retail billing software based on the customer footfall and your business type. It helps you to have a streamlined billing process, provides accurate invoice generation, enables faster billing, reduces checkout times and improves the overall business performance and efficiency.

myBillBook is one such retail billing software that offers a comprehensive billing solution. Listed below are the features offered by the billing software and the benefits you can reap from deploying the software at your storefront.

billing software for retail shop

Features of Billing Software for Retail Shops

myBillBook’s Billing Software offers the following features to help retail shops conduct their business efficiently.

GST/non-GST Invoice Generation

To support all the GST and non-GST-complaint retail businesses, myBillBook offers invoicing feature that produces both GST and non-GST invoices. While generating GST invoices, you don’t have to add the tax manually. Instead, simply enter the tax percentage related to your products once. The billing software for retail shops would automatically divide it into CGST, SGST & IGST.

In case you need a non-GST invoice, you can simply select the ‘Without Tax’ option to create a bill without GST.

GST invoice templates

Customised Invoices

Not all retail businesses require the same kind of invoice. To allow businesses generate customised invoices, the billing software for retail shops provides an option to choose different fonts and colours, add brand logos, headers, custom fields, a signature box, etc. Customised invoices help you represent your brand image while making the invoices look professional to your customers.

Further, you can also share your invoices on the phone through SMS or Whatsapp. You can get any pending payments faster by sending invoices over the phone.

customised invoices

Items Library of 1 Lakh+ product

Easily create an inventory using the preloaded products from various categories. You can also upload an excel file directly to the billing software for retail shops to add all your products in bulk. If you’re migrating from other retail billing software, you will find an option to import the data from the previous software to myBillBook in a few clicks.

Receive payments promptly

Retail POS Billing

The Retail POS Billing feature is like a boon to your retail business. You can create invoices in less than a minute and have fewer queues at the counters. The POS billing software offered by the billing software for retail shops also allows a multi-billing facility that enables multiple bill creation simultaneously. You can also have an option of either bar code scanning or manual entry of products without entering the party details.

retail pos billing

Create different sales orders

Businesses can also create various sales orders using the billing software for retail shops, not just sales invoices. For example, you can easily create sales quotations, estimates, and proforma invoices. Interestingly, once your customers agree to your estimate, you can convert the same into a sales invoice with just a click.

create different sales orders

Open Your Online Store

Take your retail business online by opening your online store using myBillBooks’ billing software for retail shops. You can start your online business by enabling the online store option on the software. Promote your store by sharing your online store link with your customers through Whatsapp and Facebook. Take orders online and grow your business 2X faster.

You can also send promotional messages on discounts, offers, sales, festive offers, etc., using the software directly to your customers.

open your online store

Benefits of myBillBooks’ Billing Software for Retail Shops

easy to use tool

Easy to use tool

myBillBooks’ billing software is designed so that even an entry-level employee can use it in the absence of the cashier or other designated personnel. You don’t require any formal training to use the tool, except for a simple demo that our sales executives would provide at your request. In addition, if you need any further assistance, you can connect to us through Whatsapp or our customer support number any time.

speed and accurate billing

Speed and Accurate Billing

Generating invoices using the billing software improves the time of billing and enhances its quality by making them error-free. It also helps you in GST calculations and submissions.

Integrated Accounting

Integrated Accounting

As the billing software is integrated with the accounting software, all the details related to the billing are automated. Your stock details, accounts receivable, payable, etc., will be auto-updated in the accounting software, making it easy for you to manage your business accounts.

better inventory management

Better Inventory Management

As the inventory gets updated with the latest stock details, the chance of understock or overstock situations is less likely to happen. You can never let go of a customer because of not having a particular product.

know your business from anywhere

Know your business from anywhere

With myBillBooks’ retail shops ‘ billing software, you don’t have to be at the store to know what’s happening. You can simply download the app on both mobile and desktop to access the information anywhere. Just use the same login credentials in all the devices, and the data gets synced automatically between them.

affordable pricing

Affordable Pricing

If you’re getting all the features mentioned above and benefits at a highly competitive market price, don’t you think myBillBook’s billing software is one of the best-priced software in the industry? Yes, the basic plan offered by the software starts at as low as INR 142 per month. The plan allows the addition of 2 businesses, access to 3 users on both mobile and PC.

FAQs on Billing Software for Retail Shops

What is billing software for retail shops?

Billing software for retail shops helps businesses create customised invoices and enables faster billing. In addition, it streamlines the entire billing process and integrates it with other business processes like inventory management, accounting, stocks, etc.

Why do retail stores require billing software for retail shops?

Retail stores have a fast turnaround of products. Recording every sale manually is a big hassle and decreases business efficiency. With a minimal cost per year, if a business can have a billing software for retail shops in place, it can streamline the entire billing process, helps in inventory management, makes accounting easier, improves customer satisfaction, and, finally, enhances the brand image. You can also try the billing software for free using the free trial option.

Which retail businesses can use myBillBook’s billing software for retail shops?

Most retail businesses can use the billing software without any limitations. Some of the retail fronts where the software could provide optimal benefits include supermarkets, grocery stores, kirana stores, restaurants, pharmacies, salons, optical shops, garment stores, fruits and vegetable stores, etc.

Can I transfer my data from old billing software for retail shops to myBillBook billing software?

Yes, myBillBook supports the export of customer and inventory details through images, excel sheets and data from other billing softwares like Vyappar, Marg, Tally, etc.

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